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Vekta Kinetics (VK) is a technology innovation company developing ground breaking technology solutions for the greater Health and Fitness industry.

We explore Technological and Commercial approaches aimed at redefining and restructuring this sector.

VK networks with organisations and individuals who can add value in meeting the challenge of modernising the operations of industry practitioners.

Paramount to achieving this is the need for effective exercise diagnosis and management.

Managed Exercise is an imperative for enhancing and sustaining the quality of life of modern sedentary society.

The domain of Managed Exercise is supported by a diverse group of Service Providers within the Exercise, Health and Related Industries.

With this in mind VK have developed a highly innovative Cloud-based Kinodek Adaptive Bio-mechanic Platform.

With these technology enablers, a collaborative approach to achieving the ends of Managed Exercise is indicated.

Current Project

Our current development is within Exercise and Health Management.

The accompanying technology Innovations – the Digital Exercise Management System (DEMS) and Kinodek Adaptive Bio-mechanic Platform -- exhibits ground-breaking innovative features.

The Kinodek is an Automated Physical-condition Monitor, Rehabilitation and Strengthening Machine.

The cloud based DEMS enables data sharing between key players in the health, fitness, insurance, information technology and stakeholders in other related industrial sectors.

To achive this goal VK drives both the technology and business process development.

The DEMS and Kinodek exhibit ground-breaking innovative features that include:

• Dynamic Routines

• Adaptive Resistance Control

• Interactive Graphic User Interface

• Recordable Exercise Database

• Programmable Control

• Fail-safe Design


The following reviews encapsulates the development:

“This is a highly recommendable project … and will definitely lead to the development of a whole new exercise concept in sport science, rehabilitation and health...”
Innovation Fund Technology Advancement Project Review

The technology is clearly highly innovative… There is a clear need for this product in the current market. The product is highly competitive with what is being produced elsewhere and has excellent prospects for commercialization…
Prof Tim Noakes, Sports Science Institute of South Africa

I found the exercise platform to be extremely innovative… I am impressed with the credentials of the principal member of the consortium, Vekta Innovations and its head, Mr Newton Fortuin. They have original ideas and have clearly researched their market very thoroughly...
Prof Kit Vaughan, Emeritus Professor: Biomechanical Engineering, UCT


Newton Fortuin

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Qualifications: BSc (Computer Science & Pure Mathematics) and Honours BBA (USB – EQUIS/AMBA)

John van Niekerk

Position: Chief Product Officer

Qualifications: 3D Designer

Lauren Manthe

Position: Head Ergonomist

Qualifications: BSc and BSc Honours Human Kinetics & Ergonomics

Nastasha West

Position: Head Biokineticist

Qualifications: BCom Sport Management and BHSc Honours in Biokinetics


















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  • Telephone:+27-(0)82-883-1899
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